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175 Colossal Dancers will be Performing at the National Jamboree 2018 of PSHC

The National Jamboree of Pontifical Society of Holy Childhood (PSHC) will start on July 3rd, 2018. The theme of this event is “Berbagi Sukacita Injil dalam Kebinekaan (Sharing the Joy of the Holy Bible in Diversity)”. Many Catholic children from all over Indonesia will take part in this big event. The opening Mass will be held in St. Joseph Cathedral. This opening Mass is not only for the participants but is also open for all Catholics to attend. The Archbishop of Kuching and his animator team will also attend this event. After the Mass, the event will proceed to St. Paul school complex where the participants will receive a welcome ceremony. A colossal dance will be performed by 175 PHSC members from Pontianak. This unique dance is a colaboration of the three ethnics in West Kalimantan; Dayaknese, Chinese and Malay. We might ask, “Why 175?” It’s because PHSC has been established for 175 years (1843-2018).

A colossal dance will be performed by 175 PHSC members from Pontianak.

During the event the participants will be accompanied by 48 ‘angels’, those who have been assigned by the National Jamboree of Porticify Society of Holy Childhood’s chief executive, Father Gregorius Sabinus, CP. These angels are the adults who are considered to be capable of providing guidance and help for the participants. In case that the participants have any health problems, the medical team will be ready for them. So, parents can still sleep well without much worry then.

This big event of National Jamboree will last for 4 days, from July 3rd to July 6th 2018. Since the participants of the jamboree are massive, there will be 1,347 people, so they will be divided into 3 big groups. Each group is called as ‘kampung’ (village) and the three villages will take location in St. Joseph Cathedral complex (Bruder Melati Elementary School, St. Paul Senior High School and Suster Elementary and Junior High School).

There will be many activities which have been prepared for the participants to take part, such as: educational seminar, group activities, talent show, talk show, etc. The participants will also be given chances to express their creativity through short stories, videos, etc. This event has been designed so well so that these young Catholics can experience the joy of God’s love through the fun activities.

Pontianak diocese itself will send 20 participants to the National Jamboree of Pontifical Society of Holy Childhood. All of them are really looking forward to this event. When the writer interviewed some of them, they showed their eagerness and said that this is going to be exciting. Even though they will have to live apart from their parents for several days, they are enthusiastic to embrace the chance to learn more and make as many friends as possible. They realise that this is their chance to meet other young Catholics from diverse background. Anyway, National Jamboree of Pontifical Society of Holy Childhood is only held once every 5 years.

The preparations for the National Jamboree 2018 of Pontifical Society of Holy Childhood are nearly done. Everyone involved is doing their best to give this big event a success. They try as much to minimalise any mistakes or errors. Seeing the big efforts they have made and all the obstacles they have to face, they deserve a tap on their shoulders. Let’s also include this National Jamboree 2018 in our daily prayer. May by God’s grace everything will run well and God’s name be glorified.


By: Richard Jim

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